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Chief Revenue Officer



TTG Interim was approached by a private equity firm that had recently made a platform investment in a revenue cycle company that targets enterprise healthcare accounts.



Due to the client’s desire to refocus its strategy to target larger customers for its healthcare RCM platform, it was imperative for TTG Interim to recruit proven sales leaders with deep expertise in sales leadership, branding, and marketing that could fill an interim need. With deep RCM expertise, TTG Interim quickly developed a short list of highly qualified candidates.



Due to our extensive network, many of the candidates were already in our database. Interviews were scheduled within 10 days with strong candidates, all of which could deliver significant value to our client.



From a shortlist of four solid candidates, the client interviewed each one, and ultimately selected and made an offer to one finalist to take on the interim role. Once onboard, it was clear that the candidate they selected was perfect for the role long-term, so the client decided to offer a permanent role as Chief Revenue Officer, who has already made a significant impact on the organization.


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