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The Tolan Group: Healthcare


The Tolan Group: National Healthcare Executives

The US healthcare industry has changed significantly over the last few years. There’s been a seismic shift from payment models based on volume to those centered on value-based care, and it has impacted every sector of the healthcare industry across the country. The impact of these changes – combined with changing demographics, spiraling costs, and significant advancements in data analytics, medical advances, and new and advanced technology have all impacted and improved healthcare in a very positive way. Efforts to break down inefficiencies between providers and payers have put healthcare organizations on the front lines. These new hybrid models are unique and allow health systems to establish their own health plans or partner closely with a current payer. In either case, the objective is to bridge information silos, streamlining processes, and coordinating care with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes at a reduced cost.

The Tolan Group | Healthcare Executive Search Firm | USA

These disruptions create challenging risk scenarios while also creating opportunities for organizations to pivot and redefine their value equation to deliver the most significant impact. The success of these strategies hinges purely on execution – which ultimately relies on human capital to realize a successful outcome. Having the right organizational structure and world-class talent on board can make the difference between a good organization or a great organization. 

TTG helps its healthcare clients design their organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities required to have the best team and outcome possible. We help our clients hire the best talent in the shortest amount of time to execute their strategy. Unlike the larger multi-national firms, we have a 98% completion rate along with industry-leading retention rates that help our clients build the best team that will have a lasting impact on the employees, shareholders, and the customers and patients they serve.

The Tolan Group | Healthcare Executive Search Firm | USA
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