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Leadership is inseparably linked to the impact and success an organization can achieve. Mission-driven nonprofit leaders should always align with and drive the organizational culture. Their ability to inspire, carry out the mission, and navigate the unique challenges of the sector have far-reaching implications for both the organization itself and the lives it impacts. At TTG, we've helped some of the largest behavioral healthcare organizations (Acute and non-Acute Care, Autism, IDD, Mental Health, Substance Abuse) in the US build world-class teams to help those in need live a dignified life and have a purpose. We've also hired multiple leaders for one of the largest family and human services organizations in the US while successfully placing C-level leaders in the nonprofit education sector.

The Tolan Group | Healthcare Executive Search Firm | USA
The Tolan Group: Non-Profit

TTG has helped nonprofit organizations build and assess superior leadership teams and boards to meet the nonprofit sector's evolving demands. We are passionate about the organizations we serve. Our mission is simple – we want to help your organization fulfill your mission. We have a solid track record in the nonprofit sector and can help you find leaders that will make a difference.



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