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Paul Olson, Named Chief Financial Officer

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, is pleased to announce the successful placement of Paul Olson as the new Chief Financial Officer of Max Surgical Specialty Management (MAX SSM). Headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey, and founded and directed by surgeons themselves, MAX SSM has a unique understanding and appreciation of the surgical profession's challenges, intricacies, and rewards. By being surgeon-led, MAX SSM ensures that the perspectives and experiences of surgeons are integral to the management and strategic direction of the organization. This focus allows them to channel resources, skills, and knowledge into this one specialty and ensure our surgeons remain at the forefront of advancements in the field and deliver the highest standards of care. Max Surgical Specialty Management (MAX SSM) is a portfolio company of MedEquity Capital and RF Investment Partners. .

Mr. Olson's extensive experience as a strategic and action-oriented financial leader makes him the ideal candidate to steer Max Surgical Specialty Management's (MAX SSM) financial strategy to new heights. With perspectives honed as an operational leader, board advisor, and investment banker, he brings a holistic approach to financial problem-solving and is well-versed in implementing effective systems and processes.

Mr. Olson's impressive professional journey reflects his commitment to excellence and leadership in various prominent roles. Prior to joining Max Surgical Specialty Management (MAX SSM), he served as the CFO at Lighthouse Behavioral Health Solutions, where he skillfully evaluated team dynamics, systems, and processes, proposing and implementing scalable solutions to enhance financial efficiency.

As the Chief Financial Officer at Vybe Urgent Care, Mr. Olson demonstrated his expertise in overhauling financial systems and procedures to meet the demands of the private equity board. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in reshaping the corporate culture towards a comprehensive approach to goal-setting and key performance indicator (KPI) management.

Having successfully designed and executed teams, systems, and processes to scale operations, Mr. Olson is adept at meeting the demands of board reporting, raising capital, and engaging in mergers and acquisitions. With an impressive track record of managing over $50 billion in M&A, debt, and equity capital-raising transactions, he has consistently delivered exceptional results for companies ranging from emerging growth ventures to multinational public corporations.

Mr. Olson holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Finance and a BSBA majoring in Accounting. He is on the Board of Directors, Audit Committee for Search For Change, Inc., Valhalla, NY.

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, executed this search assignment. Rachel Gauthier, Managing Partner, and Mallory Schmidt, Senior Search Consultant, led the search efforts for TTG.


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