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Fred Huang, Named Chief Financial Officer

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, is delighted to announce the successful placement of Fred Huang as the new Chief Financial Officer for Memorial MRI & Diagnostics. Mr. Huang's appointment brings a wealth of financial expertise and strategic acumen to his role, further enhancing the company's continued growth and success.

Memorial MRI & Diagnostics is dedicated to providing quality diagnostic imaging and treatment services for the community, utilizing advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. With a commitment to delivering the highest level of care and compassion, the company focuses on accuracy, efficiency, and a positive patient experience.

Mr. Huang brings an impressive 15-year career in both public accounting and the healthcare industry to his new position as CFO. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and financial proficiency, making him an ideal candidate for this crucial role. Previously serving as the VP of Finance at Privia Health, a prominent physician practice management company, Mr. Huang excelled in overseeing accounting and finance operations for various healthcare entities.

During his tenure at Privia Health, Mr. Huang played a vital role in providing financial guidance to affiliated practices and physician groups. He implemented policies and strategies that enhanced financial transparency and performance, resulting in greater relevance for affiliated practices. Mr. Huang's responsibilities included managing profit and loss statements for ancillary services, collaborating with the medical group board on financial strategies, and implementing innovative financial technologies to streamline operations.

With a proven track record of driving process improvements, implementing effective financial controls, and fostering high-performing teams, Mr. Huang brings invaluable expertise to Memorial MRI & Diagnostics. As CFO, he will leverage his extensive experience in financial reporting, revenue cycle management, and cost reduction initiatives to support the company's mission of delivering high-quality diagnostic imaging services to the community.

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, executed this search assignment. Jennifer Chee, Principal , and Mallory Schmidt, Senior Search Consultant, led the search efforts for TTG.


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