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VP, Technology- Highlighted Bench - April 2024

Business-first IT leadership ethos, driving organizational success through technology innovation via interim leadership and program management consulting. Stakeholders find alignment between business vision and IT roadmaps, achieving big goals through diverse team focus. With a "big picture" perspective, collaborative style, and attention to detail, various programs are executed efficiently. Leveraging financial acumen and strategic analysis, technology portfolio investments are optimized. A blend of IT proficiency, leadership, and industry experience swiftly enhances overall business performance.


  • Location: Midwest

  • Industry Focus: Healthcare, Retail, Energy, FinTech, Supply Chain/Manufacturing

  • Education: MBA


  • Experience: 20+ years

  • M&A Experience

  • .Net, Azure, ERP

  • Team Size: Up to 22

  • AI Certified by CertNexus


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