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John Schreiber, Named Chief Executive Officer

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, is pleased to announce the successful placement of John Schreiber as CEO for U.S. Mobile Health Exams. U.S. Mobile Health Exams is a leading provider of mobile health testing services, including basic and advanced health screenings, health risk assessments, and occupational testing services such as mobile hearing testing, respirator fit testing, mobile audiometric testing, drug testing, and medical surveillance exams. By delivering these services directly to clients' locations, U.S. Mobile Health Exams ensures convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

In his previous role as COO at Lanter Distributing, an organization in the temperature-sensitive LTL deliveries sector, Schreiber's co-CEO role involved overseeing various functional areas including Sales, Operations, Logistics, HR, Safety, Maintenance, Accounting, Billing, Finance, and IT, along with a team of over 80 members. Schreiber's leadership resulted in substantial operational improvements and increased profitability. In just six months, he executed a successful restructuring of vehicle maintenance policies, bringing the fleet into compliance and achieving a record level of CSA measures under threshold. Furthermore, his strategic approach to target markets and customer service metrics led to increased revenue without additional operating expenses, positioning the company for growth.

John Schreiber also demonstrated his entrepreneurial aptitude as the owner of Sun Country Logistics, a thriving third-party logistics and distribution solutions company based in Orlando, FL. Under Schreiber's leadership, Sun Country Logistics emerged as an industry leader, specializing in customer-centric national LTL frozen food delivery to the retail grocery and food service segments. The company's services included freight brokerage, carrier management, public warehouse contracting, consolidation, and advisory services, all aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency.

John Schreiber holds a BSBA degree in Transportation & Logistics from Ohio State University. With his extensive industry knowledge and a focus on innovation, he is poised to drive U.S. Mobile Health Exams toward continued success.

The Tolan Group (TTG), a Hunt Scanlon Top 40 Healthcare Executive Search Firm, executed this search assignment. Tim Tolan, Managing Partner and Mallory Schmidt, Senior Search Consultant, led the search efforts for TTG.


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