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CTO- Highlighted Bench - April 2024

A visionary technology leader with a track record of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to boost profitability and enhance market position. Experienced in driving growth for small to mid-size companies through entrepreneurial ventures. Excels in fast-paced environments, employing creative problem-solving and results-driven approaches. Offers hands-on CIO/CTO experience, managing significant budgets and global engineering teams. Proficient in strategic planning, business-technology alignment, risk management, and various technical domains including cybersecurity, agile methodologies, and digital innovation.


  • Location: Mid-Atlantic

  • Industry Focus: Healthcare, SaaS, Manufacturing, Media, Retail

  • Education: MBA, Entrepreneurship

  • Score: 28


  • PE Experience: 7 years

  • Number of Exits: 3

  • Av. Portfolio Size: $100M-$600M

  • 27 years of Leadership

  • Availability: April 2024


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