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Fractional Controller/CFO - Highlighted Bench - February 2024

With over three decades of expertise in Accounting and Finance, focus has primarily been in the startup realm, particularly within Healthcare, including Electronic Health Records. Additionally, bringing experience in Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Sales Management, having navigated numerous challenges alongside fellow executive leaders. Consistently upheld the trust and confidence of investors and board members. Capacity to handle the constant flux and challenges inherent in a startup environment is marked by a high level of emotional maturity and grace.


  • Location: Southeast

  • Education: BS, Accounting

  • CPA

  • Turnaround F&A

  • Score: 19


  • PE Experience: 18 years

  • Number of Exits: 2

  • Average Portfolio Size: $25M- $100M

  • Multi location, EHR, Start-up

  • Availability: February 2024

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