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CTO- Highlighted Bench - March 2024

A transformative leader adept in product, technology, strategy, and general management, fostering cross-functional collaboration to drive revenue growth, margin improvement, and elevated Net Promoter Scores. Renowned for crafting innovative roadmaps aligning with business objectives, translating complex concepts for stakeholder comprehension. Core competencies include global leadership, P&L ownership, operational finesse, and strategic planning, all centered on customer-centricity and cybersecurity leadership.


  • Location: Midwest

  • Industry Focus: SaaS, E-Commerce

  • 5 Acquisitions, 5 Mergers

  • Cross -functional Team Leadership

  • Score: 32


  • PE Experience: 20 years

  • Number of Exits: 2

  • Average Portfolio Size: $10M-$600M

  • 29 Years of Leadership

  • Availability: March 2024


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