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CRO- Highlighted Bench - April 2024

Over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience, have led multi-million-dollar business growth as a C-Suite executive. Instrumental in account management and leadership, has driven accelerated pipelines and expanded accounts through effective relationship building. Passionate about leveraging leadership for high-level negotiations, influencing operations, and fostering social selling, Committed to results. Drawing on a veteran background, is consistently applying disciplined leadership to execute growth-oriented business strategies.


  • Location: Central South

  • Industry Focus: SaaS, Tech

  • Education: Doctorate of Business, Management & Operations

  • Score: 20


  • PE Experience: 10 years

  • Multiple M&A

  • Av. Portfolio Size: $100M

  • Team Quota: $1B

  • Availability: April 2024


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