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COO- Highlighted Bench - March 2024

A seasoned Senior PE Portfolio COO with extensive experience in enhancing EBITDA, integration, and operational performance across global businesses. Proficient in various industries including manufacturing, services, B2B, and B2C, operating in diverse environments such as electronics, metal fabrication/machining, plastics, aerospace, and defense. Demonstrated success in driving EBITDA improvement, organizational optimization, integration, M&A, and delivering on quality and safety objectives. Known for quickly identifying operational deficiencies and providing visionary leadership for sustainable improvement.


  • Location: West Coast

  • Industry Focus: Energy, Manufacturing, Aerospace

  • Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified

  • Quality Improvement to 325 PPM

  • Score: 26


  • PE Experience: 7 years

  • Number of Exits: 1

  • Average Portfolio Size: $75M-$200M

  • 25+ Years of Leadership

  • Availability: March 2024


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