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CFO - Highlighted Bench - March 2024

An adept corporate finance specialist skilled in engaging stakeholders at all levels and driving growth strategies through internal initiatives and M&A. Proficient in optimizing cash management, conducting due diligence, and leading initiatives for operational enhancements. Brings experience as a CFO in public companies and involvement with private equity investors. Additionally, has six years of domestic and international banking experience and extensive auditing expertise covering compliance, US GAAP, IFRS, consolidations, hedging, and foreign exchange.


  • Location: South Central

  • Industry Focus: SaaS, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction

  • Education: BA, Economics

  • Multilingual

  • Score: 16


  • PE Experience: 5 years

  • Number of Exits: 6

  • Average Portfolio Size: $20M-$1B

  • CPA & Technical Accounting

  • Availability: March 2024


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