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CEO- Highlighted Bench - March 2024

A seasoned, outcome-oriented, and extensively skilled senior executive with a remarkable track record in assembling high-performing teams that consistently yield exceptional top and bottom-line outcomes. Possessing extensive expertise in Operations and Finance, encompassing complete P&L oversight, spearheading new business ventures, formulating and executing corporate strategies, forging strategic alliances, overseeing M&A activities, and orchestrating restructuring efforts to optimize financial and operational efficacy.


  • Location: Northeast

  • Industry Focus: SaaS, Distribution, Media

  • EBITDA: 26% and 112% respectively over a three year period

  • Score: 24


  • PE Experience: 10 years

  • Number of M&A: 4

  • Average Portfolio Size: Up to $100M

  • 25 Years of Leadership

  • Availability: March 2024


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