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CEO - Highlighted Bench - February 2024

Over 30 years in the upstream industry, experience spans executive, management, operational, and technical roles. Providing a unique perspective on operational and corporate risk from both client and contractor viewpoints, there is a passion for organizational growth and efficiency. As a proven leader, excellence is demonstrated in restructuring, developing effective management teams, and fostering trust. Bringing 12 years of direct PE (M&A) experience, contributions include profit growth, seismic operations management, strategic capital investment, talent assessment, and financial prudence. Strengths lie in strategic planning, alignment with company vision, and a solid HSE and technical background, offering valuable insights into both client and contractor positions.


  • Location: South Central

  • Industry Focus: Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Global Experience

  • Team Size: Up to 2500

  • Score: 27


  • PE Experience: 12 years

  • Number of Exits: 3

  • Average Portfolio Size: $50M- $100M

  • Operations Experience: 20 years

  • Availability: February 2024

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